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FEATURE: Conflict Dynamics – The Archetype of Conflict

I WAS BORN TO BE A LAWYER. I was born in... Written By Maria Claudia Perego (October 2018)
7 minutes Read

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FEATURE: Milkwood Law – An Integrative Approach to Creating Wills

IMAGINE THAT YOU’VE JUST BEEN TOLD YOU HAVE A COUPLE OF... Written By Rhiannon Thomas (November 2017)
5 minutes Read

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FEB 2017: Comic Contracts – contracts in pictures that are legally binding

A South African lawyer, Robert de Rooy has created a new... Written By Elaine Quinn
30 seconds Read

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INTERVIEW: J. Kim Wright, Integrative Law Movement

VISION FOR LAW IN 2050 "The seeds of the late 1990s and... Written By Elaine Quinn (November 2016)
8 minutes Read

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OCT 2016: A Lawyer for Trees? The Parliament of Things and Conscious Contracts

Lawyer, Digna de Bruin describes her participation in the Parliament of... Written By Digna de Bruin
1 minute Read