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FEATURE: Seeking Wholeness, A Lawyer’s Personal Reflection

I don’t really know why I became a lawyer. At 17... Written By Patrick Andrews (January 2017)
5 minutes Read

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FEATURE: Conversations with the Planet

'Conversations with the Planet' is an artistic approach to law taken... Written By Isabel Añino Granados (January 2017)
6 minutes Read

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FEATURE: The Evolution of the Legal Status of Animals: From Things to Sentient Beings

THE LEGAL STATUS OF ANIMALS IS EVOLVING. Slowly but surely. One... Written By Sabine Brels, PhD (January 2016)
7 minutes Read

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FEATURE: “Rights for Nature” – Why Do We Need Them?

In the last 40 years alone, the time from which the... Written By Mumta Ito (January 2016)
10 minutes Read