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Launched in 2015, CrowdJustice is an online crowd-funding platform based in the UK that enables funding for legal cases that may otherwise struggle to meet the costs of seeking justice before the courts.

Funding for a legal case can this way be raised from an interested and supportive community of supporters online. CrowdJustice was behind The People’s Challenge to the Government regarding Brexit case that ultimately successfully confirmed that an Act of the UK Parliament was needed before Article 50 could be triggered. £170,550 was raised for that case from an online community of 5,000 people.  On a page dedicated to lawyers on its website, CrowdJustice says the following about cases that may be eligible for crowdfunding: “Crowdfunding can work for a wide range of cases. As long as a lawyer is instructed, a case can be crowdfunded if: The person raising funds is passionate about their case / There are a few days to spread the word / A community or network can be motivated to support the case”. The Founder/CEO of CrowdJustice, Julia Salasky, worked at global law firm Linklaters and at the United Nations before coming up with the idea for CrowdJustice. In a 2015 piece in The Guardian she is quoted as saying: “I think there’s a huge power in communities and people’s ability to come together, and technology obviously amplifies that. It wouldn’t have been possible in the recent past even to know that a legal case that might affect you was going ahead, let alone have the ability to come together with others in your community to support it.” Read more about CrowdJustice here.


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